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Does your product need an RFID solution? We are RFID experts, and guarantee to design and produce the best solution to meet your needs.

You can...

  • Use our standard ready-to-use RFID solutions
  • Receive a customised RFID solution to meet your exact needs
  • Look to us as your RFID experts who can deliver the right solution for you

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Latest News

10 Dec

FCC Approval Acheived on a NFC / RFID Reader Without Shielding

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) have achieved FCC approval of their NFC / RFID reader board without shielding

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09 Dec

Multiplexed antennae from single/multiple reader(s) case study

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) announce their capability to offer high performance pcb antenna multiplexing

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Why Choose Us?

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By focussing on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and in particular the design and development of RFID reader systems, we have become experts in all things RFID. We have developed hardware and software for many different RFID-based applications and have helped many companies produce the exact solution that meets their needs.


“The support and service we have received from IB Technology is second to none, and their technical support has enabled us to deploy complex technology with relative ease. These RFID readers are exceedingly reliable, and we have never experienced a single failure.”

Mark O'Brien, Director
Mercury HMI Ltd,  Malton,
North Yorkshire


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