The B1-Stand-Alone Configurator

The B1 Stand-Alone Configurator launched by Eccel Technology Ltd.

The B1 Stand-Alone Configurator

25th January – 2018, Leicester, UK

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) is delighted to announce the launching of its new product – The B1 Stand-Alone Configurator. We have developed it to operate the RFID B1 module and other B1-based readers (e.g. the USB-B1) with polling mode.

The Configurator is very useful software. First of all, it enables simple configuration of polling in the B1 module. Secondly, it allows for the addition of new tags to the whitelist and removal of the tags, and finally it makes possible the export of all the configuration to a *.txt file. Eccel Technology Ltd the B1 Stand-Alone Configurator is not only user-friendly but also easy-to-use. Its aim is to help the user quickly and easily configure the RFID B1 module and other B1-based readers in order to work in stand-alone mode.

This application is designed to be used in the Microsoft® Windows® environment. The B1 Stand-Alone Configurator requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework or higher. To install the B1 Polling Configurator, download the latest version from our website, extract the zip file and start the B1 Stand-Alone Configurator. You can find all th information to do the installation on our website.

Download the B1 Stand-Alone Configurator

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