Passive RFID tags and cards

ib technology can supply any type of RFID Card or tag with any of the popular transponder chips fitted. 

We work closely with our manufacturer and can offer any technology of card or tag at very competitive pricing whilst maintaining the best production standards and strict quality control. 

Our production facilities are ISO9001 approved and use Heidelberg Lithographic Printers for high quality full colour card printing if required. 

We have control over the manufacture and so cards can be made with the chip custom positioned to avoid sensitive printed areas. 

The cards can also have low / high coercivity magnetic strips printed on the back to allow them to be used with legacy magnetic strip readers as well.

Custom tags

We also supply cards of different thickness to suit particular applications and card feeder mechanisms. Tag packages such as wristbands or key fobs can be custom printed or embossed as well. 

In addition to standard products, we can design and manufacture custom RFID tags to suit specific applications and end markets. 

Examples of this are the Bird PIT tag and the fuel-management ring tags for trucks and commercial vehicles. 

ib technology design and manufacture RFID Reader systems so we understand the technology and can offer solutions to problems that other card and tag suppliers cannot provide. 

Contact us if you have specific requirements.