Proof of Concept for RFID Transponder/ Reader System with Transponder buried 3 sides in metal


Developed as a proof of concept for a customer supplying pharmaceutical and food product manufacturers with metal product production tool bits, this development required a very small 13.56MHz Ntag213 transponder (7mm outer diameter, 2.5mm height) to work buried and fitting flush with the metal tool surface in a blind hole of 3mm depth secured by fixing adhesive.

A hand-held reader would then pass setting data to the tool transponder and read identification and usage parameters back from the transponder. Operating range from the reader to transponder required of >5mm. Reader to be charged and communicated with inductively from a base connected to a PC.


RFID Reader with Multiplexed Antennas


This application is for a biomedical customer to develop and manufacture a range of multiplexed antenna readers from 16 antennas (4 x 4) up to 100 antennas (10 x 10).  Various sizes and separation pitch of PCB antenna is required.  Antenna separation pitch ranges from 9mm to 12.5mm.

The design gives a detection range of >9mm from the antenna to the 6mm diameter RFID disc transponders.  There is also good isolation of one antenna from its neighbours, so that there is no pick up of tags sitting above adjacent antennas, which could lead to "false positive" detections...


FCC Approved NFC & RFID Reader

The specification from a world leading biomedical customer, required us  to adapt an existing one of our readers, previously custom designed for them, to achieve FCC approval.  The dimensions of length width and height of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) had to remain identical, despite extra components being needed for band pass filtering, input and output line protection, and incoming power supply regulation, all required to achieve successful FCC part 15C, RSS 210 (Canada), Radio (EN302291-2 V1.1.1 ), EMC (EN301489-1 V1.9.2 and -3 V1.6.1), EMF (EN50364 2010), Safety (EN60950-1+annex) (all European approvals) emission and susceptibility testing approval...


Bluetooth LE Accelerometer & Gyroscope


The requirement was to measure and communicate real time acceleration and rotation (gyroscope) in 3 dimensions.  The integral battery lasts for 6-8 hours in operation with 3 months operation in standby (advertising) mode.  It takes under 5 hours to charge on the wireless charger (shown in case study). 

The wireless charge feature allows all electronics to be contained in an IP67 rated enclosure that never needs opening (shown above).  The operating temperature range is from -20°C to +70°C, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications both indoors and outdoors.


RFID Power Switch

Our client needed to switch mains electricity using a contactless tag or “token”. This application required a secure, “weatherproof” and “tamperproof” solution that would only operate with specific tags issued to authorised users. 

The solution had to be mains (240v AC) powered, simple to use and be very cost effective. Traditionally this was done using key switches or contact based (EEPROM) keys and iButtons that were unreliable in difficult environmental conditions and open to abuse...


Fuel Management

Our client develops fuel management and fuel monitoring solutions for road-haulage and fleet vehicle companies. The requirement was for an automated system that could identify the vehicle being refuelled, accurately monitor fuel being dispensed and reduce the opportunity for fraud.

Previous systems were either "paper and pen" based or used EEPROM based keys that were prone to contact damage, loss and fraud...


Bicycle Rental Scheme

Our client manufactures, installs and manages bicycle rental schemes. Traditionally these schemes involved a manual locking system without knowing if the bicycle returned was the same as rented out.

The system had to be economic to install and manufacture so a single unit could handle several bicycles. In addition, the system would have to uniquely identify the user so they could be charged for the rental time period...


Utility Pre-Payment Meter

IB Technology RFID card reader technology has been used successfully for many pre-payment utility metering applications. Forthisparticular
client, the requirement was for a cost- sensitive ISO14443A Mifare read/write solution to integrate as a module in an existing high-end electricity meter product.

The specification called for a small single-board solution, with integrated antenna, that had very low power consumption and a proven record of reliable, robust operation with low EMC emissions for straightforward global approvals. In addition, the communication interface had to be very simple with an efficient and optimised high-level command protocol...


Locking System

Our client supplies tool management systems to the Aerospace industry where access to and the use of tools has to be controlled. Traditionally this has been done using lockable tool cabinets with manual booking-out procedures.

The requirement was for a more automated "Access Control" system for the high-value and calibrated tools...



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